Posters on Innovation for development (pre-session)

December 9, 2021

For sustainable economic development in the Central Asian countries, it is necessary to use an innovative and scientific approach to address a wide range of social and environmental issues, especially when facing climate change impact. Within the framework of the "Green Central Asia" initiative, the Kazakh-German University is organizing an international conference "The Silk Road of Knowledge: Science Meets Green Policy". The conference will contribute to the exchange of existing scientific knowledge in the region, thus, supporting the development of necessary proposals for decision makers in the region based on presented knowledge. In the framework of the conference was held a poster session, which contributed to the exchange of information on innovations that can solve problems related to ecology, water and land resources, energy and climate change in Central Asia.

The poster session was attended by more than 60 people, 28 of whom presented their research in the form of posters available in the Posters section.

Session partners:

Main speakers

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