Session VI: Water, sanitation and gender

February 24, 2022

The session is aimed to have a research-based discussion on the enhancement of accessibility to clean water in Central Asian countries. During the session, infrastructural solutions and institutional requirements for water facilities ensuring equitable and inclusive access to clean water and water for sanitation and health needs are examined. Countries in the Central Asian region have water systems covering basic needs in drinking water and sanitation for most of the population. In the past decade, through advances in social and natural sciences, it has been made possible to design and start operating more inclusive, efficient, safe, resilient, and affordable systems for water supply and uses. For policymaking, hence, it is a prime time to transfer scientific knowledge into enabling not only access but also accessibility. The session is aimed to develop an understanding of opportunity spaces for innovative developments in clean water systems for drinking and sanitation (WASH) in Central Asian countries. With overarching guidance provided by the SDGs-2030 agenda, specific needs and preconditions of the region that will allow universal accessibility and enhanced WASH service delivery will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to, the accessibility of facilities and services about the contingencies of clean water and sanitation, food security, health and hygiene practices, recycling and reuse technologies, wastewater treatment, and autonomous solutions for underserved women and children in rural and remote areas.

THURSDAY, February 24 
16:00 - 18:00 (GMT+6, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Link to Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 920 5159 2920


Dr. Alice Bouman-Dentener,

Co-Founder Cansu Global, Royal academy of Science International Trust; Honorary Founding President Women for Water Partnership


Dr. Aliya Tankibayeva,

DKU, Kazakhstan

Session partners:

Main speakers

Speaker: Irina Smirnova

Committee on Finance and Budget of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Discussant: Rachel Fisher Ingraham

Independent Consultant, USA

Discussant: Dr. Bonita B. Sharma

MSSW Department of Social Work, College of Public Policy, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Discussant: Khayriniso Rasulova

PA ‘Women and Society’, Tajikistan

Discussant: PhD Kamiljon Akramov

Senior Research Fellow, Development Strategy and Governance Division International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI, CGIAR)

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