Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on how to bridge the gap between science, education and political practice.

Target audience: Policymakers, sectoral experts from governmental institutions and ministries interested in applied knowledge products in water and climate security, energy efficiency practices from Central Asia and Germany.


WEDNESDAY, February 23 
14:30 - 16:00 (GMT+6, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Zoom Links:
Meeting ID: 821 0070 9316 
Password: 739834


Dr. Caroline Milow,

GIZ, Germany

Session partners:

Main speakers

Mr. Klaus Tanzberger

Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Division 312 – Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany

Mr. Harald Köthe

International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change UNESCO, Germany

Dr. Hendrik Meurs

Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

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