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November 24, 11:00 - 12:30 PM (GMT+6)

Youth session: Water, Climate and Risks

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Moderator: Dr. Mitusov Andrey, Kazakh-German University

Application of the ClimPact2 software product to assess the impact of climate change in Kazakhstan
Ms. Monkaeva Gulasara, Kazakstan
Current state of the Mountain Pamir river hydrology: Impact of basin meteorology and orography on the Vanch River Runoff
Mr. Parviz Normatov, Tajikistan
Glacier Lakes Outburst Floods in Panjshir Province of Afghanistan
Mr. Abeer Ahmad Sajood, Afghanistan
Youth empowerment for water in Central Asia
Ms. Lyazzat Syrlybayeva, Central Asian Youth for Water” (CAY4W) Network, Kazakhstan

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November 26, 11:00 - 12:30 PM (GMT+6)

Youth session: Rational Use of Water

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Moderator: Dr. Mitusov Andrey, Kazakh-German University

Potentials of Digitalization for Increasing Sustainability in Irrigation Water Management
Dr. Janay Sagin
Drinking water supply management in small cities of Kazakhstan: case study of Karatau
Ms. Irina Yugai, Kazakhstan
Comparative analysis of the efficient use of water resources in Canada, Israel and Uzbekistan
Mr. Aziz Khaydarov khaydarov, Uzbekistan
Comprehensive studies of the Kazakhstan Aral Sea region
Ms. Diana Aripkhanova, Mr. Almas Kitapbaev, Kazakhstan

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