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Authors are invited to submit research working papers examining thematics of the conference.

About conference

The Silk Road of Knowledge: Science Meets Green Policy

Scientifically based solutions to overcome the consequences of climate change and ensure sustainable development are significant for the countries of Central Asia both at the regional and national levels. Understanding how climate change can affect political, socio-economic, and environmental conditions partially depends on an understanding of current and projected climate change and the availability of climate data. Climate change impacts clearly need to be considered when making decisions related to water management, energy production, food and agriculture, and sustainable transport.

For sustainable economic development in the Central Asian countries, it is necessary to use an innovative and scientific approach to address a wide range of social and environmental issues, especially when facing climate change impact. Within the framework of the 'Green Central Asia' initiative, the Kazakh-German University is organizing an international conference "The Silk Road of Knowledge: Science Meets Green Policy". The conference will contribute to the exchange of existing scientific knowledge in the region, thus, supporting the development of necessary proposals for decision makers in the region based on presented knowledge.

Objective of the conference: the conference is aimed at providing innovative solutions for the economies of countries through:

  • Presentation and discussion of policy proposal on innovative science-based solutions for the development of the economy and politics of Central Asia in order to mitigate the impact of climate change;
  • Informing on decision-making processes based on scientific research in the field of water and land resources management, food security, infrastructure development, water and climate security, energy efficiency practices in Central Asia;
  • Innovation for development;
  • Involving youth in scientific research and decision-making processes.

Conference sessions:

The online conference will cover a wide range of issues presented during the Conference pre-sessions, high-level session and thematic sessions focusing on the adaptation to climate change and its impact on Central Asian countries. It will be divided into pre-sessions taking place on December 9-10, 2021, and high-level session and thematic sessions to be taken place on February 23-25, 2022.



Live broadcast


Youth session 9/12/2021

Poster session 09.12.2021



The conference will be held on Zoom app., where will be available synchronous translation on Russian. Instructions on how to connect to Zoom are here.

  • There are expected to be developed policy briefs under each thematic session, which will be held February 23 - 25, 2022. Policy briefs are expected to be 4000 - 6000-word analytical written works aiming at explaining aspects of transfer and implementation of science-driven know-hows in policy areas as outlined by the conference’s thematic and geographical focus. The briefs will cover the overall aims of the session area rather than focus on each presentation presented by the speakers.
  • Authors are invited to submit research works examining climate, energy, water resources, land and agriculture, sustainable logistics and other areas relevant to the thematic scope of the series. Working paper series seeks research evidence about new scientific inventions and novel ways of applications of scientific discoveries in the above-mentioned areas, as well as an important account of functioning,  contextualization and customization of both novel and existing application of science as pertinent to countries in Central Asia. The requirements for Working papers are available here.

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